Startup Studio Nescio

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We plant and grow our own tech companies. At our Studio we have pulled together a team of remarkable people. Together we come up with ideas, build digital products and bring them to market.
Our startups range from, a mature company in full bloom, to an early stage startup called Journa, still in private beta.

We are a team of 29 humans, 17 twenty somethings, 12 thirty somethings, 9 software engineers, 7 students, 3 dads, 1 (non web) surfer, and 11 plants.

Do you want to create digital products with us, learn about startups and have loads of fun in the meantime?

This must mean you like tech startups and want to learn more about them, but you’re not quite sure yet why. Well, we might be able to help you. During an internship at Startup Studio Nescio you’ll be involved in many processes, meetings and decisions right of the bat. We are looking for students who are eager to learn about public relations, marketing, office management and just about anything that a startup does.

Please dip your toes in the pool and contact